Semi aggressive tropical fish tank

How to start a tropical fish tank

Keeping tropical fish tanks throughout my home is one of my greatest joys. When I want to de-stress, I just take a front-row seat that whisks me away to a peaceful tropical world. The colors and patterns, the way the fish move through the water is so calming.

There’s nothing better than shutting off the lights and watching the glowing orb that is my fish tank. It’s as if I brought a piece of nature into my home. The fish benefit, too, because I provide an environment that is as close to natural as possible, with live plants, driftwood to hide under and coral through which to swim in and out.

My sense of calm is not imaginary. Research shows that observing tropical fish helps decrease the pulse rate, increase skin temperature and decrease muscle tension. If you’re like me and are a fan of the tropics, here are some tips to start and maintain a stress-reducing tropical fish tank.

• Contact an expert in the aquarium department of a pet supply store.

• Choose from fresh, brackish or salt water fish. I recommend fresh for beginners since brackish and salt can be complex and pricey. Fresh is easy to start and maintain, and the fish are beautiful and reasonably priced.

• Ideal tank temperatures range from 78 to 82 degrees. Purchase a thermometer to maintain temps throughout the year.

• Since most tanks are filled with tap water, your chosen expert will show you products that will remove harmful chemicals while increasing good bacteria and minerals found in a natural aquatic environment.

• Water should circulate fish-free for a minimum of two weeks. During this time, bring water samples to your expert for testing and ask for an at-home water testing kit that you can use after you add fish.

• When it’s time to add fish, begin with one or two starter fish. After two weeks of healthy testing levels, I recommend adding one or two more fish every two weeks.

• The general rule is 1-inch of adult fish per gallon. Overstocking will cause unhealthy spikes in ammonia and nitrates and lead to fatalities.

• Tropical fish come in three varieties: community, which are non-territorial and passive; semi-aggressive, which may harass or injure community fish; and aggressive, which are highly territorial and willing to fight or kill others to dominate an area of the tank.

• Avoid placing the tank in direct sunlight, which may encourage algae growth.

• Choose live plants instead of plastic. Live plants use waste as food and add oxygen to the environment.

Freshwater aquarium

by sage9x

A saltwater aquarium is going to be a massive time suck and a money pit. I advise against it. I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium, but I never really had a problem with hard water. They make water conditioners for that, though.
I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium. It was not that expensive, and if you get the right kind of fish, they are hard to kill. I stuck with Rafael catfish(hard to find the spotted kind), senegal bichirs(some people call them dinosaur eels), chichlids(super aggressive), and oscars. Don't forget to also include an algea eater(like a pleco), and several mystery snails

Adult Corydoras Catfish to a good home.

by Manticor892

I have a twenty five gallon tall planted aquarium and I bought a tiny little cory cat not realizing at the time that they grow to be ~3 inches long. I have plenty of room in my tank but honestly my cat has become too aggressive to other bottom feeders like algae eaters for me to keep him. The aggression is probably due to the size of my tank and my oversight. He has never been aggressive to mid or high water community fish. I am happy to give him away to someone who has a good size freshwater aquarium. I can provide a picture if necessary but a quick Google of corydoras will give you a good idea

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