Large non aggressive tropical fish

How Can I Have Non-aggressive Angelfish Tank

I am still in a quandary about how to reestablish and maintain a
peaceful aquatic community with angelfish and livebearers, corys, etc in my
125 gal tank. I do not want to breed the angelfish, the livebearers breed
and some of their fry survive and that is enough babies for the tank! The
angelfish are purely for display--- and I bought some beautiful expensive 80%
orange from a local breader. Everything was fine until I disturbed the
status quo be giving away 3 of my 8 angelfish and adding a new large female.
The 3 largest became aggressive. Now I have 6 angelfish to contend with: the
new large female, 2 males that are larger than silver-dollar size, 1
almost-silver-dollar size (no bump on head so probably female) and two
quarter size. The two large males were fighting over the large female so I
removed one male into my 12 gallon quarantine tank. Things improved but the
remaining large male and the large female still dominate and attack when they
see an angelfish within 2 -3 feet of their spot. The almost-silver-dollar
size still moves around the tank and stands up to the aggressive angelfish,
but still acts cautious . The smallest angelfish usually hide in the
opposite corner of the tank or under a plant. They will not eat. I don't
want them to die. I didn't move them to the 12 gal tank yet since I don't
want to further stress them. The water quality of the 12 gal tank is erratic
so I change the water in that tank every 3 days or so.

How should I reestablish a peaceful tank? Should I aim for ALL MALES or ALL
FEMALES? Should I remove the large female and put her in the 12 gal tank and
return the male into the community tank? Should I keep the female in the
community tank and remove the other male? Will this make her peaceful, since
now she also attacks the others? I don't want to play musical tanks with the

Freshwater aquarium

by sage9x

A saltwater aquarium is going to be a massive time suck and a money pit. I advise against it. I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium, but I never really had a problem with hard water. They make water conditioners for that, though.
I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium. It was not that expensive, and if you get the right kind of fish, they are hard to kill. I stuck with Rafael catfish(hard to find the spotted kind), senegal bichirs(some people call them dinosaur eels), chichlids(super aggressive), and oscars. Don't forget to also include an algea eater(like a pleco), and several mystery snails

Adult Corydoras Catfish to a good home.

by Manticor892

I have a twenty five gallon tall planted aquarium and I bought a tiny little cory cat not realizing at the time that they grow to be ~3 inches long. I have plenty of room in my tank but honestly my cat has become too aggressive to other bottom feeders like algae eaters for me to keep him. The aggression is probably due to the size of my tank and my oversight. He has never been aggressive to mid or high water community fish. I am happy to give him away to someone who has a good size freshwater aquarium. I can provide a picture if necessary but a quick Google of corydoras will give you a good idea

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