Freshwater Tropical Fish Aggressive

List of Aggressive Tropical Freshwater Fish

Some people keep Piranhas as pets (Photo: Alex Kokoulin/iStock/Getty Images)

Piranhas are notorious for their aggression, yet some people keep them as pets. These South American natives are known for their razor-sharp teeth, but rather than eating only meat, piranhas are omnivorous. While piranhas may attack the other fish in your tank, they also do well when kept with companion fish. According to, if you keep your piranha well fed, they can co-exist peacefully with other types of freshwater fish such as guppies and tetras. Also, piranhas can live with other large fish, but may bite a fin or two every once in awhile. The best way to feed your piranha is to purchase commercially-made processed foods rather than introduce feeder goldfish into the tank, since they are often a vector for bringing disease into your aquarium.

Freshwater aquarium

by sage9x

A saltwater aquarium is going to be a massive time suck and a money pit. I advise against it. I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium, but I never really had a problem with hard water. They make water conditioners for that, though.
I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium. It was not that expensive, and if you get the right kind of fish, they are hard to kill. I stuck with Rafael catfish(hard to find the spotted kind), senegal bichirs(some people call them dinosaur eels), chichlids(super aggressive), and oscars. Don't forget to also include an algea eater(like a pleco), and several mystery snails

Adult Corydoras Catfish to a good home.

by Manticor892

I have a twenty five gallon tall planted aquarium and I bought a tiny little cory cat not realizing at the time that they grow to be ~3 inches long. I have plenty of room in my tank but honestly my cat has become too aggressive to other bottom feeders like algae eaters for me to keep him. The aggression is probably due to the size of my tank and my oversight. He has never been aggressive to mid or high water community fish. I am happy to give him away to someone who has a good size freshwater aquarium. I can provide a picture if necessary but a quick Google of corydoras will give you a good idea

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