Colorful Semi aggressive tropical fish

Advice on Semi-Aggressive vs

Re: Advice on Semi-Aggressive vs. Community? (Tropical Freshwater)

Tropical Semi-Aggressive
-Algae Eater - If it is the Chinese algae eater, it hardly eats algae, is ugly and is intensely and boringly aggressive. Otoconclus are cute, peaceful and 100 times more efficient.

-Turquoise Rainbow - a beautiful hierarchical fish - needs to be in groups with other three inch fish. It may be too active for a tall deep tank - it likes to run. But other than with other rainbows, it isn't super aggressive.

-Leporinus Fasciatus * too big

-Opaline Gourami * genuinely grouchy, most of the time.

-Clown Loach - a foot long fish - your tank is too small, especially since they like to be in groups.

-Angelfish* A pair are smooth, or a group of six. The weakest member of the group is often harassed to death by paired off angels though, and as soon as one weakling is gone, another is chosen. Great fish, but aggressive within their groups.

-Rainbow Shark *a fish I hate, so take this with a grain of salt. it is brutally territorial, loses its colour with age and constantly attacks and chases.

Tropical Community:
-White Finned Rosy Tetra - peaceful, able to handle traffic
-Black Kuhli Loach - secretive.
-Honey Sunset Gourami * delicate only one gourami species will go in a tank like yours. males seem to fight.
-Ghost Shrimp - angelfish food.
-Red Claw Crabs * no experience here.
-Black Phantom Tetra * peaceful, able to handle traffic
-Upside Down Catfish - not always peaceful - a shoaling fish that can throw its weight around. There are several different species traveling under this trade name, and they aren't all small.

True, what you need for the fish is-

by EventHorizon

Most fish need at least 1 or 2 gallons of water per inch of fish- so a 10 Gallon tank can hold 10 1 inch fish, or 5 2 inch fish... and that's only a guss-timate.
Then, if they aren't goldfish, you need a heater, and filter- best to get the best filter you can, it's worth it. Great filtration can keep your fish healthy. Diatom filters can actually filter out things like fungi and parasites!
Gravel is needed as well. About 2 5lb bags for every 10 gallons. Bags of gravel are about 3-4$. It's needed to colonize healthy bacteria that will keep the tank healthy.
Along with that, a syphon-gravel cleaner for water changes

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