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Colorful Facts about the Betta Splendens

9ffca408Betta fish are small decorative fish that come in bright and exotic colors. They have flowing tails and are quick swimmers, darting through fish tanks in flashes of color. They can even be put in quirky containers and fishbowls as part of house décor. They are popular with fish enthusiasts not only because they are visually attractive but because they are incredibly easy to care for.

Here are some fun facts about the Bettas:

  1. The Betta fish is known by many names, some of which are: Siamese Fighting Fish, Crowntail Betta, and in Thailand, Plakad or “The Jewel of the Orient”.
  2. They are called Siamese Fighting Fish for a reason. In the 1850s, fighting Betta fish was a popular and income-generating sport in Siam, now Thailand. It was immensely popular that people even bet money, properties, even their children! (We do not recommend Betta fighting and please do not bet your children.)
  3. They originated in Southeast Asia and China.21caz3b nd China.
  4. The name is derived from “Bettah”, an old Asian warrior clan, because of their fighting nature. In Old Siam, where Betta fish fighting was a sport, the winning fish was the one who showed bravery, not the one that caused more damage.
  5. Male Bettas are notoriously territorial and aggressive. Only one male betta should be present in an aquarium, or a barrier should be used to separate them. Otherwise, male Betta fish will fight each other to the death.

Their territorial nature is so overblown that their own reflections incite them to start exhibiting defensive behaviours like puffing out and ramming the sides of the bowl.

  1. Males are also carnivores, feeding off of live foods like mosquito larvae.
  2. Male Bettas know how to prepare. In anticipation of the arrival of the eggs, male Bettas construct bubble nests at tank corners. The male Betta gulps in some air from the surface, coats it in his saliva, then spits the bubble out.
  3. Betta parents are not all good. Betta daddies build the nest, ensure that all eggs are inside, and protect the nest. Once the eggs hatch, the Betta father raises the fry. Betta mothers, on the other hand, are likely to eat her own eggs as is common in many fish species.

True, what you need for the fish is-

by EventHorizon

Most fish need at least 1 or 2 gallons of water per inch of fish- so a 10 Gallon tank can hold 10 1 inch fish, or 5 2 inch fish... and that's only a guss-timate.
Then, if they aren't goldfish, you need a heater, and filter- best to get the best filter you can, it's worth it. Great filtration can keep your fish healthy. Diatom filters can actually filter out things like fungi and parasites!
Gravel is needed as well. About 2 5lb bags for every 10 gallons. Bags of gravel are about 3-4$. It's needed to colonize healthy bacteria that will keep the tank healthy.
Along with that, a syphon-gravel cleaner for water changes

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