Best Semi aggressive tropical fish

Can you put semi aggressive fish with community fish?

the answer is both yes and no. This all boils down to a matter of opinion. here are some really pretty semi aggressive fish that you can more often than not keep with community fish

  • Angelfish
  • Dwarf Gourami
  • normal Gourami- not giant!
  • female bettas
  • it seems, that occasionally Discus can be kept with community fish
  • some species of the genus neolamp.
  • none of these fish if you own tiger barbs
  • dwarf plecos, unless you have tiny little fish, Ancistrus are a very nice species

NEVER, EVER, EVER keep any of these fish. they are beginner traps.
  • Pacu (with less than 100 gallon/ 380 litre tank)
  • Grouper (ever)
  • Goldfish (with your tropical fish)
  • red tailed shark (with less than: 1000 gallons/3800 litres)

Also note that all fish are different. I had 3 angelfish once, one super fin black angel(Aristotle), one veiltail black angel (Plato), one 'bandit' supervail(Socrates), Aristotle would kill anything he saw, Plato would, for some reason only kill Cory catfish. Socrates, wouldn't kill anything. the worst she did was eat my plants....
Know your fish! if he's mean as heck, don't put him in, simple as that (also, make sure you put them in while theyre juvenilles to prevent increased aggression)

True, what you need for the fish is-

by EventHorizon

Most fish need at least 1 or 2 gallons of water per inch of fish- so a 10 Gallon tank can hold 10 1 inch fish, or 5 2 inch fish... and that's only a guss-timate.
Then, if they aren't goldfish, you need a heater, and filter- best to get the best filter you can, it's worth it. Great filtration can keep your fish healthy. Diatom filters can actually filter out things like fungi and parasites!
Gravel is needed as well. About 2 5lb bags for every 10 gallons. Bags of gravel are about 3-4$. It's needed to colonize healthy bacteria that will keep the tank healthy.
Along with that, a syphon-gravel cleaner for water changes

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