Aggressive tropical aquarium fish

The dwarf puffer fish

Puffers can be very hard to feed basic fish flakes/pellets. Stuff like bloodworms, blackworms, snails, (live food) etc are usually what puffers eat. An occasional part of a pea is what some people feed.

Tank Setup

A 30 liter tank is a good size. Puffers do best in a well planted tank.

Puffers are freshwater fish and are pretty hardy, but general tropical conditions are good. People often hear the name, puffer fish, and automatically think that it’s a marine fish. However, the dwarf puffer is, in fact, a freshwater fish. The dwarf puffer can also live in brackish water, but this will eliminate a significant amount of time from the puffer’s life. In addition to having years eliminated from its life, by housing it in brackish water, the dwarf puffer’s remaining life will be unhealthy and unhappy.

The puffer fish species do not have scales. Instead, they have very delicate skin that will cut on almost anything. Be careful when buying decorations, I would suggest using sand for the substrate.

Tank Mates

The dwarf puffer is a very aggressive fish and will beat its tank mates to death. Dwarf puffer fish sometimes claim the entire tank as their own; this especially happens with the males. It’s best to keep the dwarf puffer in a one-species tank, and don’t expect them to play nice with each other if you keep more than one puffer.

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